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Top 10 Universities In The USA For Computer Science

Firstly, computer science student quickly realizes that there is more to selecting a graduate program than just rankings. Whereas, it is the most demanding and the highest paying profession in the world. This program deals with Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Human Brain Computing and Big Data offering a lot of scope for innovation. However, the hub of Computer Science Engineering has seen many universities reach the pinnacle of glory and time. So here are some Top 10 Universities In the USA For Computer Science. 

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List Of Top 10 Universities In the USA For Computer Science

Stanford University

Stanford has received plenty of recognition for its research efforts in revolutionary areas which is the real appreciating. This university was established in 1965, in which it offers Masters of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Also, it consists of interdisciplinary research and works in areas such as physics, engineering, and medicine.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This Institute is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The institute has a solid reputation for making a global technological impact in the world. Whereas, the Computer Science department offers masters and doctoral programs with courses in areas. Their graduates become leaders in areas such as academia, materials science, biomedical technology, and nanotechnology.

University of California Berkeley

Berkeley is one of the biggest names in technology such as the ever. It is one the most popular university in the US, as it has popular media outlets such as the New York Times, the BBC and many more. Whereas, They offer degrees in areas such as computer architecture, operating systems, robotics, database management systems, and scientific computing.

Princeton University

The Princeton Computer Science Department offers a Master’s of Science in Engineering and Ph.D. degrees and internships in both of those important areas. Also, they provide computational markets, networks and systems, computer architecture, and programming languages and much more. This university is situated in Princeton, New Jersey.

Carnegie Mellon University

The university was found in 2007 and it is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Whereas, this university has received recognition for having the world’s first machine learning department. It offers Masters in Science and Ph.D. degree programs ranked highly in specialty and interdisciplinary. Also, the program includes applied logic, computational biology, language, and informational technologies.

Cornell University

Cornell University is one of the most popular in the world of household robots. They featured in BBC World News, highlights breakthrough research in robotics manipulation and how to Root the personal robots can truly be useful. Also, the program includes different field and graduate school requirements including teaching.

University of Southern California

The Computer Science department of the University of Southern California also known as Viterbi School of Engineering which received a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award for design and engineering. The USC Department of Computer Science has 40 research faculty members contributing to the fields. Whereas, students can work in research projects, including DNA computing, neuroscience, Internet technologies, software architectures, and computer graphics.

The University of Texas

The university is situated in Austin, Texas. Their program includes major and minor coursework in areas such as computer architecture, multimedia systems, and artificial intelligence. Whereas, the Ph.D. program offers foundational requirements as well as breadth. This university is one of the most popular which has garnered over 150 national and international awards.

Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the most technologically famous which houses students from the School of Engineering. It offers both Masters and Ph.D. programs which is advance in areas such as imaging, security, artificial intelligence, linguistics, and computational theory.

University of Illinois

University of Illinois’s Computer Science department is true pioneers and leaders in the technology industry.  Whereas, it is one of the largest social entertainment company in the world. Their students can conduct ground-breaking research in areas of computer science and technology.

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